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  1. Hacker Claims to Have Stolen Sensitive Medical Records from Egypt's Ministry of Health

    SOCRAdar and Falcon Feeds reported that the threat actor allegedly started selling the dataset

  2. Aussie Government Exposed Personal Info Via Security Report

    Survey participants had details published on parliament website

  3. Ivanti Patches Zero-Day Bug Used in Norway Attacks

    CVSS 10.0 score means patch should be urgently deployed by customers

  4. Data Breach Costs Hit Record High but Fall For Some

    IBM’s annual study finds over half of breached firms pass costs on

  5. Tampa General Hospital Data Breach Impacts 1.2 Million Patients

    TGH said it first detected unusual activity on its computer systems on May 31 2023

  6. Biden-Harris Administration Secures AI Commitments For Safety

    Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft and OpenAI all joined the initiative

  7. Cyber-Attack Strikes Norwegian Government Ministries

    Erik Hope revealed the attack was traced back to a vulnerability in a government supplier

  8. Novel Open Source Supply Chain Attacks Target Banking Sector

    Checkmarx has identified two distinct open-source software supply chain attacks targeting the financial sector for the first time

  9. Booz Allen Pays $377m to Settle Government Fraud Case

    Contractor was accused of violating False Claims Act

  10. Thousands of Citrix Servers Exposed to Zero-Day Bug

    Remote code execution attacks are ongoing

  11. Clop Could Make $100m from MOVEit Campaign

    Coveware claims small number of victims paid very high ransoms

  12. US DoJ Announces Plan to Shakeup Cybercrime Investigations

    In a speech, the DoJ’s Nicole M. Argentieri announced the merger of the NCET into the CCIPS

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