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  1. Ethical Hackers Reveal How They Use Generative AI

    Bugcrowd’s report finds that many ethical hackers are utilizing generative AI in their work, but 72% argue it will never replace human creativity

  2. Financial Industry Faces Soaring Ransomware Threat

    Banks and financial service providers have emerged as attractive targets for the most prominent ransomware groups

  3. Crypto Crime Down 62% but Ransomware Activity Surges

    Chainalysis claims big-game hunting is back

  4. Scam Page Volumes Surge 304% Annually

    Social media and messaging apps are main conduit

  5. Microsoft Fixes Six Zero-Days This Patch Tuesday

    One of the bugs has been actively exploited in NATO attacks

  6. Clop: Behind MOVEit Lies a Loud, Adaptable and Persistent Threat Group

    David Wallace, a senior threat intelligence analyst at Sophos, took a deep dive into Clop’s background and intrusion techniques

  7. 11 Million Patients Impacted in Healthcare Data Breach

    HCA Healthcare said personal data of approximately 11 million patients was published on an online forum

  8. EU Adopts New US Data Privacy Agreement

    The Commission’s announcement allows for the free flow of personal data between the two regions, but is likely to be challenged in the courts

  9. Moroccan Charged With OpenSea NFT and Crypto Theft

    Individual allegedly used phishing website to harvest victim credentials

  10. Man Charged With Remote Attack on Water Plant

    Individual accused of endangering health of Discovery Bay residents

  11. E-commerce Fraud Surges By Over 50% Annually

    Online merchants plan to increase budgets and new hires

  12. RomCom Group Targets Ukraine Supporters Ahead of NATO Summit

    The BlackBerry team suspects spear-phishing as the primary vector utilized by the RomCom group

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