Infosecurity News

  1. Suspected Scareware Fraudster Arrested After Decade on the Run

    Ukrainian said to have caused victim losses of $70m

  2. WooCommerce Bug Exploited in Targeted WordPress Attacks

    Wordfence claims over 157,000 sites have been hit so far

  3. IT Security Pro Jailed for Attempted Extortion

    Hertfordshire man pleaded guilty in May

  4. BreachForums Admin Pleads Guilty to Hacking Charges

    The guilty plea also covered a separate count of possession of child pornography

  5. Ukraine's CERT-UA Exposes Gamaredon's Rapid Data Theft Methods

    The group utilize malware like GAMMASTEEL to rapidly exfiltrate files within 30-50 minutes

  6. Sorillus RAT and Phishing Attacks Exploit Google Firebase Hosting

    eSentire found the threat after detecting suspicious code in a manufacturing customer's network

  7. EU Urged to Prepare for Quantum Cyber-Attacks

    A discussion paper from the European Policy Centre sets out recommendations for an EU quantum cybersecurity agenda

  8. Russian Charged with Tech Smuggling and Money Laundering

    Man accused of aiding the Kremlin with dual-use tech

  9. Health Tech Vendor to Pay $31m After Kickback Allegations

    NextGen Healthcare was accused of violating False Claims Act

  10. Acting White House Cyber Director Withdraws Nomination

    Reports suggest personal debt behind Kemba Walden’s decision

  11. AI Tool WormGPT Enables Convincing Fake Emails For BEC Attacks

    Security expert Daniel Kelley worked with the SlashNext team on the research

  12. New Threat Actor Launches Cyber-attacks on Ukraine and Poland

    Cisco Talos said the malicious campaigns started in April 2022 and are currently ongoing

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