Infosecurity Interviews

  1. Leveraging External Attack Surface Management to Reduce Risk

    John Stock, discusses Outpost24's acquisition of Sweepatic, which offers an External Attack Surface Management

  2. How New Attack Vectors Force Organizations to Adapt New Identity Security Posture (video)

    Drawing on 10+ years of experience at Specops, Darren James explains why new attack vectors force organizations to adapt their identity security posture

  3. #InfosecurityEurope: How Plexal is Tackling the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity Startups (video)

    Plexal is trying to address the gap in women-run startups by addressing the pipeline of female talent

  4. #InfosecurityEurope: How to Plan for and Survive a Ransomware Attack (video)

    As ransomware operators shift their focus from stealing and extorting data to causing maximum disruption, businesses must build their resilience to cyberattacks

  5. #InfosecurityEurope: A CISOs Guide to Leading a Security Team

    Erhan Temurkan discusses how CISOs can enhance the efficiency of their teams in an increasingly challenging environment

    1. Photo of James Coker

      James Coker

      Deputy Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

  6. #InfosecurityEurope: How Generative AI can be a Force for Good in Cybersecurity (video)

    Learn how generative AI can be used to enhance organizations’ cybersecurity

  7. #InfosecurityEurope: Exploring the Key Components of a Zero Trust Network Architecture (video)

    A Zero Trust approach to security remains important despite low uptake of the approach

  8. #InfosecurityEurope: The Unique Challenges of Web and Browser Security (video)

    With the web and browsers shifting from a consumer tool to an enterprise requirement, these areas have become heavily targeted by threat actors

  9. #InfosecurityEurope: Novel Solutions for Data Management in the Age of Data Collection (video)

    In this interview, Blake Brannon of OneTrust, highlights the biggest data compliance and trust challenges for organizations today

  10. #InfosecurityEurope: Hall of Fame Inductee Becky Pinkard Highlights her Career (video)

    Infosecurity Europe has selected Becky Pinkard as its Hall of Fame inductee for 2023

  11. #InfosecurityEurope: Modernize Your Threat Management to Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals (video)

    Amid surging cyber-attacks and rapid levels of digitization, managing threats and vulnerabilities has never been more challenging

  12. #InfosecurityEurope: LastPass CEO Acknowledges Communication Failings During 2022 Breaches

    LastPass CEO, Karim Toubba, told Infosecurity about the lessons the company has taken from the high-profile incident

    1. Photo of James Coker

      James Coker

      Deputy Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

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