Infosecurity News

  1. Chinese APT41 Linked to WyrmSpy and DragonEgg Surveillanceware

    Lookout attributed WyrmSpy and DragonEgg to APT41 due to overlapping Android signing certificates

  2. Critical API Security Gaps Found in Financial Services

    The Salt Security report also notes a 244% surge in unique attackers between H1 and H2 2022

  3. How Cyber Threat Intelligence Practitioners Should Leverage Automation and AI

    The Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit discussed how automation and generative AI could help CTI practitioners tackle the overload of data they have to process

  4. Biden-Harris Administration Unveils Smart Device Cyber Program

    The criteria for certification are set to be based on cybersecurity guidelines published by NIST

  5. Industry Experts Urge CISA to Update Secure by Design Guidance

    A letter authored by industry experts says that CISA should include specific details on how to implement security-by-design through threat modeling

  6. Scam Job Offers Target Uni Students

    Threat actors exploit high cost of living

  7. NCA: Nation States Using Cybercrime Groups as Proxies

    Crime agency chief warns of surging online threat

  8. Norwegian Giant Tomra Suffers “Extensive” Attack

    Employees forced to work from home after IT outage

  9. New Vulnerabilities Found in Adobe ColdFusion

    Rapid7 has observed that some vulnerabilities in Adobe ColdFusion were still being exploited several days after the patches were published

  10. CISA Unveils Guide to Aid Firms Transition to Cloud Security

    It mentions the CSET, SCuBAGear, Untitled Goose Tool, Decider and Memory Forensic on Cloud

  11. drIBAN Fraud Operations Target Corporate Banking Customers

    The web injects allow cyber-criminals to manipulate legitimate web pages' content in real time

  12. JumpCloud Confirms Data Breach By Nation-State Actor

    The attack vector was identified as data injection into the firm's commands framework

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