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  1. LokiBot Malware Targets Windows Users in Office Document Attacks

    Fortinet suggests attackers are leveraging vulnerabilities like CVE-2021-40444 and CVE-2022-30190

  2. Chinese APT Favorite Backdoor Found in Pakistani Government App

    Trend Micro found a backdoor previously exploited by various Chinese threat actors in a popular application used by Pakistan’s government agencies

  3. NCSC Shares Alternatives to Using a SOC

    Security agency’s advice could help save time and money

  4. Ransomware Costs Financial Services $32bn in Five Years

    The figure accounts for losses due to downtime alone

  5. UK Financial Regulator Urges Banks to Tackle AI-Based Fraud

    Prime Minister wants UK to be a global center of AI regulation

  6. New CVSS Version Unveiled Amid Rising Cyber Threats

    FIRST has released details of version 4.0 of the standard, which aims to address criticisms of CVSS 3.1

  7. Mandiant Unveils Russian GRU's Cyber Playbook Against Ukraine

    Mandiant has observed that the same playbook has been used by various Russian threat actors since the breakout of war in Ukraine, making them likely to be part of a GRU-led deliberate strategy

  8. White House Publishes Plan to Implement US National Cybersecurity Strategy

    The plan details over 65 federal initiatives, each of which is assigned to a responsible agency

  9. US on Track For Record Number of Data Breaches

    Latest quarterly figures show compromises at an all-time high

  10. Fewer Than 100 Scammers Responsible For Global Email Extortion

    Barracuda research lifts the lid on widespread threat activity

  11. Chinese Threat Group Compromises US Government

    Threat actors forged authentication tokens to access email

  12. Diplomats in Ukraine Targeted by “Staggering” BMW Phishing Campaign

    Unit 42 researchers believe a Russian threat group repurposed a legitimate flyer for a BMW car sent to embassies in Kyiv, Ukraine

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