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  1. Crimeware Group Asylum Ambuscade Ventures Into Cyber-Espionage

    ESET researchers suggested Asylum Ambuscade has been active since 2020

  2. Android OS Tools Fuel Cybercrime Spree, Prey on Digital Users

    According to Resecurity, the trend poses challenges for online banking and payment systems

  3. Central Bankers Develop Framework For Securing Digital Currencies

    Bank for International Settlements publishes Project Polaris

  4. Martin Lewis Shocked at Deepfake Investment Scam Ad

    Money-saving expert has sued Meta before over fake ads

  5. Cyber Extortion Cases Surge 39% Annually

    Action Fraud figures also reveal increase in social media hacking

  6. Chinese Spyware Discovered on Google Play Store

    Each application sends the stolen data to China over a hundred times

  7. Twitter User Exposes Nickelodeon Data Leak

    Social media reports suggest an individual allegedly dumped approximately 500GB of animation files

  8. New Campaigns Use Malicious npm Packages to Support Phishing Kits

    ReversingLabs discovered more than a dozen malicious npm packages between May 11 and June 13

  9. ENISA: Ransomware Makes Up Over Half of Healthcare Cyber-Threats

    The report revealed that patient data is the most targeted asset by ransomware actors

  10. US and Canadian Authorities Warn of Increased Truebot Activity

    The joint advisory reveals that threat actors are leveraging new techniques to deliver the botnet

  11. HSBC Joins Quantum-Secure Network

    The banking giant is trialling the QKD-secured network as it seeks to future-proof its global operations against quantum-enabled cyber-threats

  12. Ongoing Incident Prompts JumpCloud to Reset API Keys

    To assist customers in the process, JumpCloud provided a guide for resetting affected API keys

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