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  1. Not All E-Signatures Are Created Equal – Don't Get Caught Out

    EU eIDAS regulation sets out three distinct types of e-signatures. Each of them has unique traits that affect their legality and enforceability. This article examines how they differ.

    1. Francesco Basso

      Product Manager, Actalis

  2. ChatGPT: A New Wave of Cybersecurity Concerns?

    Javvad Malik discusses the cyber threats that will emanate from ChatGPT and how these risks can be mitigated

    1. Photo of Javvad Malik

      Javvad Malik

      Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

  3. It’s Time to Put Your Users at The Centre of Your Security Universe

    Ensure your users are security-aware in the face of today's evolving threats

    1. Photo of Aaron Webb

      Aaron Webb

      Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security, Jamf

  4. Template Injection Attacks: Nefarious Actors Lie in Wait in North Korea

    Brett Raybould discusses how TTPs used by North Korean threat actors are similar to previous malicious campaigns

    1. Photo of Brett Raybould

      Brett Raybould

      EMEA Solutions Architect, Menlo Security

  5. Prioritize the Prevention Part of Security Programs in 2023

    Rob Clyde argues that with savvy leadership, 2023 can be a great year for security teams despite tightening budgets

    1. Photo of Robert Clyde

      Robert Clyde

      Executive advisor for ShardSecure, Executive Chair, White Cloud Security, Board Director, ISACA

  6. How to Erase Data Securely From Hard Drives and SSDs, Including NVMe

    In this blog, Stellar will look at the different methods of data erasure and explore how to erase data securely from hard drives and SSDs, including NVMe

    1. Photo of Namrata Sengupta

      Namrata Sengupta

      Vice President, Stellar Data Recovery Inc., Stellar

  7. How to Find Out if Your Data is Being Sold to a Third Party

    Find out how you can tell if you data is being sold by a third party and what to do about it

    1. Photo of Federico Morelli

      Federico Morelli

      Content Manager, Incogni

  8. How Restrictive Laws Are Pushing Chinese Cyber-Criminals Towards Novel Monetization Techniques

    Jason Steer highlights novel techniques being used by Chinese cyber-criminals in the face of a cybercrime crackdown by the CCP

    1. Photo of Jason Steer

      Jason Steer

      CISO, Recorded Future

  9. Are Business Logic Flaws Leaving Your APIs at Risk?

    Attackers don't need to hack the API. They discover inherent business logic issues and exploit vulnerabilities like Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA)

    1. Photo of Vinugayathri  Chinnasamy

      Vinugayathri Chinnasamy

      Senior Content Writer, Indusface

  10. Repair and Recover Data from Corrupt Outlook PST Files with Outlook PST Recovery Software

    Understand the steps to repair and recover data from corrupt Outlook PST files using SCANPST and a third-party Outlook PST repair software.

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  11. The Issue of Overreliance on Detection Solutions in the Security Stack

    Relying solely on detection puts you on the back foot, forcing you to react to threat actors once they’re already on the network

    1. Photo of Brett Raybould

      Brett Raybould

      EMEA Solutions Architect, Menlo Security

  12. Infosecurity Magazine’s Top Stories 2022

    Take a look at Infosecurity’s most-read stories of 2022 in this top 10 run-down

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