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  1. Solving the Cybersecurity Permacrisis

    Enterprises that make the time and space for their security staff to learn will achieve much higher levels of security

    1. Photo of Raef  Meeuwisse

      Raef Meeuwisse

      CISM, CISA, Author of Cybersecurity for Beginners

  2. How Schools Can Become Cyber Resilient in 2023

    Threat actors continue to target schools and the data they hold. This article provides advice and tips on how they cany protect themselves from an attack.

    1. Photo of Kylie  Ruiz

      Kylie Ruiz

      Senior Product Marketing Manager, Secure Link

  3. Microsoft 365 Apps Continue to be the Most Exploited Cloud Services

    As attacks on cloud applications grow, it is essential that businesses gain greater visibility over their cloud infrastructure

    1. Photo of Paolo Passeri

      Paolo Passeri

      Cyber Intelligence Principal, Netskope

  4. Data Protection is the Heart of Zero Trust, Forrester Reports

    Fasoo's Ron Arden analyses Forrester's latest report, The Definition of Modern Zero Trust

    1. Photo of Ron Arden

      Ron Arden

      Executive Vice President, CTO and COO, Fasoo

  5. Protecting Your Business as DDoS Attacks Set to Surge

    From politically motivated efforts to ransom extortion, nobody is safe from getting hit by a DDoS attack.

    1. Photo of Ramil Khantimirov

      Ramil Khantimirov

      CEO and co-founder of StormWall

  6. ID Authentication Bypass and the Next Evolution in Phishing Campaigns

    New insights highlight the sophistication of modern phishing packages available to budding fraudsters

    1. Photo of Jason Steer

      Jason Steer

      CISO, Recorded Future

  7. The Increasingly Complex Threat Landscape Must Be Fought With Simplicity

    New research shows that 65% of UK and US CI organizations have fallen victim to a cyber-attack

    1. Photo of Dan Turner

      Dan Turner

      VP for Forcepoint G2CI, Forcepoint

  8. Interactive Malware Sandbox in Your Security System

    Understand how to overcome the issues of traditional antiviruses with an online malware sandbox

    1. Photo of Stas Gaivoronskii

      Stas Gaivoronskii

      Malware Analyst, ANY.RUN

  9. Template Injection Attacks: Mitigating Modern Threats

    The Menlo Labs Team has recently observed a spike in template injection attacks

    1. Photo of Brett Raybould

      Brett Raybould

      EMEA Solutions Architect, Menlo Security

  10. An Analysis of Security Vulnerability Trends During COVID-19

    What were the security vulnerability trends during COVID-19?

    1. Photo of Harman Singh

      Harman Singh

      Security Expert and Consultant

  11. Why Zero Trust and Identity and Access Management are Essential to Enterprise Security

    Discover why turning to Zero Trust is important to be able to secure an organization's operations

    1. Photo of Russell Dowdell

      Russell Dowdell

      Senior Manager, Product Management, SecureLink

  12. Combating CNI Security Concerns in a Complex Climate

    An attack on critical infrastructure remains an ongoing concern for cybersecurity professionals and there is a need for best practices to be followed

    1. Photo of Dan Turner

      Dan Turner

      VP for Forcepoint G2CI, Forcepoint

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