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  1. How Cyber-Criminals are Circumventing Multifactor Authentication

    Cyber-criminals are exploiting MFA weaknesses, and it should no longer be seen as a 'silver bullet' against account takeover, says Adenike Cosgrove

    1. Photo of Adenike Cosgrove

      Adenike Cosgrove

      Cybersecurity Strategist at Proofpoint, Proofpoint

  2. Why You Don’t Need 300 Gbps DDoS Simulation Tests

    Did you read about the 300Gbs DDoS attack last week? We must test our protection against an attack of that size

    1. Photo of Ziv Gadot

      Ziv Gadot

      Founder and CEO, Red Button

  3. Will ChatGPT Democratize the Development of Evasive Malware?

    Menlo Security's Brett Raybould outlines the potential cyber-threats posed by ChatGPT

    1. Photo of Brett Raybould

      Brett Raybould

      EMEA Solutions Architect, Menlo Security

  4. How to Migrate OST to Microsoft 365

    The recent Hostage Exchange Server outage is one example where the users didn’t have access to the Exchange EDB files on cloud servers and they restored mail items from the OST file

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  5. The Impact of Conversational AI on the GRC Workforce: Training our Next Generation Workers

    Jenai Marinkovic and colleagues discuss the importance of teaching cybersecurity and GRC workers how to work alongside AI systems

    1. Photo of Nicholas Brown

      Nicholas Brown

      security analyst, GRCIE

    2. Photo of Amanda Lyking

      Amanda Lyking

      security analyst, GRCIE

    3. Photo of Jenai Marinkovic

      Jenai Marinkovic

      Executive Director, CISO, Advisory Board - GRC for Intelligent Ecosystems Foundation

    4. Photo of Rashida Thomas

      Rashida Thomas

      security analyst, GRCIE

    5. Photo of Todd Williams

      Todd Williams

      security analyst, GRCIE

  6. #IWD2023: Retaining and Advancing Women in the Cyber Security Industry: Moving from Theory to Impact by Measuring Inclusion

    Women in Cybersecurity has launched a study to measure the state of inclusion of women in cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Katherine Hutton

      Katherine Hutton

      Ambassador, Women in Cybersecurity UK Affiliate

    2. Photo of Zoe  Mackenzie

      Zoe Mackenzie

      VP, Women in Cybersecurity UK Affiliate

  7. #IWD2023: DigitALL, Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality

    One of the themes of this year's IWD is cracking the code and explores collaborative efforts towards gender equality

    1. Photo of Nikki Webb

      Nikki Webb

      Global Channel Manager, Custodian 360

  8. Looking Back at the Mega Breaches Trends of 2022

    Paolo Passeri looks back at data on mega breaches that took place in 2022

    1. Photo of Paolo Passeri

      Paolo Passeri

      Cyber Intelligence Principal, Netskope

  9. Are You Prioritizing Digital Identity Management?

    Understand the measures organizations can put in place to ensure the security of their digital infrastructure and regain control over employees’ digital identities

    1. Francesco Basso

      Product Manager, Actalis

  10. Why Zero Trust Isn’t a Silver Bullet for Security

    It is important for organizations to recognize the limits of zero trust as they implement their security strategies

    1. Photo of Jason Steer

      Jason Steer

      CISO, Recorded Future

  11. Uncover the Default Passwords Lurking in Your Active Directory

    Understand how default passwords can be present in an Active Directory and provides instructions on how to check for them and how to remove them

    1. Photo of John Ward

      John Ward

      Cybersecurity Writer, Specops

  12. 2022: DDoS Year-in-Review

    StormWall’s DDoS Year-in-Review report takes a look at the 2022 threat landscape, breaks down the industries that were most affected, and explores current DDoS trends

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