Beth Maundrill is Joined by Cybersecurity Advocate Jen Ellis to Talk About How you can impact cybersecurity regulation today.

Jen Ellis is a well-known member of the cybersecurity community both in the US and the UK. She spent over a decade employed at the cybersecurity company Rapid7 and is now an independent cybersecurity advocate who is working to improve public safety in cyber by collaborating and advising policymakers and government bodies.

During this discussion Beth and Jen speak about how the cybersecurity community can have an impact on cybersecurity related regulation and legislation, both in the UK and abroad. As well as how cybersecurity professionals can make sense of all the data that is published relating to the cybersecurity threat landscape and how they can practically analyze the information.

You’ll hear about Jen’s “West Wing” experience as she started her journey in towards influencing cybersecurity policy on both sides of the pond and much more.

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