Infosecurity Opinions

  1. #HowTo: Tackle Deepfakes and Manipulation

    Jessica Perkins sets out steps individuals can take to combat the risks posed by deepfakes

    1. Photo of Jessica  Perkins

      Jessica Perkins

      SaaS Marketing Consultant & Writer

  2. Cybersecurity Compliance Confidence: The New Competitive Advantage for Enterprises

    Igor Volovich says its time for a paradigm shift in compliance strategies

    1. Photo of Igor Volovich

      Igor Volovich

      VP of Compliance Strategy, Qmulos

  3. Pandemic Development Risks Non-Compliance with White House Guidelines

    Meredith Bell sets out what companies need to do to meet their data security responsibilities in light of the White House's National Cybersecurity Strategy

    1. Photo of Meredith Bell

      Meredith Bell

      CEO, AutoRABIT

  4. #HowTo: Prevent Ransomware Attackers Striking Again

    Charles Smith explains the risk factors for repeat attacks and how victim organizations can prevent this occurring

    1. Photo of Charles Smith

      Charles Smith

      Consulting Solutions Engineer, Data Protection, Barracuda

  5. Reviewing the UK Government Call for Views on Supply Chain Threats

    Michael Smith says that open dialogue is the first step to improving supply chain security

    1. Photo of Michael Smith

      Michael Smith

      Field CTO, Vercara

  6. Generative AI: Friend or Foe?

    Joe Partlow assesses the security threats and benefits of generative AI

    1. Photo of Joe Partlow

      Joe Partlow

      Chief Technology Officer, ReliaQuest

  7. NATO Countries Must Work Together to Counter the Russian Cyber-Threat

    William Hutchison argues that NATO countries should be war-gaming what a full-on Russian cyber war would look like

    1. Photo of William Hutchison

      William Hutchison

      CEO, SimSpace

  8. #HowTo: Create an Effective Patch Management Program

    Zoe Rose identifies considerations often forgotten when it comes to designing patch management programs

    1. Photo of Zoe Rose

      Zoe Rose

      Regional and Supplier Information Security Lead, Canon Europe

  9. How Has GDPR Changed Our Approach to Data Protection?

    Prof Kevin Curran discusses how the GDPR has changed organizations' security practices

    1. Photo of Professor Kevin  Curran

      Professor Kevin Curran

      Senior IEEE Member and Professor of Cybersecurity, Ulster University.

  10. How AI Will Change Red Teaming

    Phil Robinson discusses how AI technologies can enhance the abilities of white hat hackers

    1. Photo of Phil Robinson

      Phil Robinson

      principal security consultant and founder, Prism Infosec

  11. Achieving Cyber Resilience in Undersea Cable Networks

    Chris Moore discusses how governments can maintain resilient communication routes amid growing threats to undersea cables

    1. Photo of Chris Moore

      Chris Moore

      VP Defence & Security and CISO, OneWeb

  12. #HowTo: Limit the Impact of Data Breaches

    Ben Herzberg argues that organizations must create a balance between data protection and damage mitigation amid surging data breach incidents

    1. Photo of Ben Herzberg

      Ben Herzberg

      chief scientist, Satori

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