Infosecurity Interviews

  1. #VideoInterview: Live From Infosec22 - Sarb Sembhi, Virtually Informed

    Sarb Sembhi, CTO at Virtually Informed and CISO at AirEye, discusses the current state of IoT device security

  2. #VideoInterview: Live From Infosec22 - The UK Cyber Start Up Market

    Plexal’s Dianne Gilbert and CSIT’s Judith Miller talk to Eleanor Dallaway about the UK start-up market, the importance of cyber clusters and collaboration efforts between academia and the private and public sector

  3. #VideoInterview: Live From Infosec22 - Donnie MacColl, HelpSystems

    At Infosec22, Eleanor Dallaway discusses cyber risk in the supply chain, data visibility and protection with Donnie MacColl, Director of EMEA Technical Services and DPO, at HelpSystems

  4. #VideoInterview: Live From Infosec22 - Mark Guntrip, Menlo Security

    Mark Guntrip explores ransomware, the role of threat prevention and the important role zero trust plays.

  5. #VideoPanel: Live From Infosec22 - Creating the Fundamental Building Blocks for an Effective SOC

    Gunter Ollmann, Simon Pope and Chris Sedgwick discuss securing cloud infrastructure and applications, the speed of detection and SIEM solutions.

  6. #VideoInterview: Live from Infosec22 - Guido Grillenmeier, Semperis

    James Coker sat down with Semperis chief technologist, Guido Grillenmeier, to discuss how to defend active directory systems from surging cyber-attacks

  7. #VideoInterview: Live from Infosec22 - Jon Fielding, Apricorn

    Benjamin David sat down with Jon Fielding at #Infosec22 to discuss the forced rush to support remote working and the state of backup and recovery practices

  8. #VideoPanel: Live from Infosec22- Revamping Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    James Coker was joined by Javvad Malik, Tim Ward & Steven Furnell live at Infosecurity Europe discussing how, with an estimated 95% of security breaches caused by human error, innovative approaches to staff awareness training can tackle the challenges organizations face

  9. #VideoPanel: Live from Infosec22 - Infosec Needs a New Recruitment Algorithm

    The infosec industry frequently claims it has an enormous skills gap. It’s therefore time to inspect recruitment practices and ask ‘who decides what good looks like?’ Is anyone gatekeeping the gatekeepers?

  10. #VideoPanel: Live From Infosec22 - Quantum Computing and the Impact on Cybersecurity

    Christopher Yapp (C2 Cyber) and Jon Geater (RKVST) explore how organizations can best protect themselves against threats to encryption before “Q-Day” arrives

  11. #VideoInterview: Live from Infosec22 - Brian Honan, BH Consulting

    Benjamin David sat down with Brian Honan, BH Consulting, at Infosec22 to discuss cyber’s role in the Russian-Ukraine conflict

  12. #VideoInterview: Live From Infosec22 - James Alliband, Tessian

    Eleanor Dallaway and Tessian’s James Alliband talk phishing, ransomware and cloud email security at Infosec 22

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