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  1. #InfosecurityEurope: Get Ready for the Cybersecurity Party of the Year

    Cyber House Party will be performing at Infosecurity Europe and raising funds for the NSPCC

  2. Strategic Intelligence Guidance for Adopting AI Models in Your Organization

    If you’re organization is adopting an AI model into its operations here are four things you should consider to enhance organizational humanity

    1. Photo of Ian Thornton-Trump

      Ian Thornton-Trump

      CISO - Cyjax Ltd

  3. AI vs Cybersecurity: Preparing for the Most Transformative Meta-Invention of Our Times

    Raef Meeuwisse discusses how cybersecurity professionals must navigate the AI revolution

    1. Photo of Raef  Meeuwisse

      Raef Meeuwisse

      CISM, CISA, Author of Cybersecurity for Beginners

  4. Cloud Security is the Greatest Area of Concern for Cybersecurity Leaders According to EC-Council’s Certified CISO Hall of Fame Report 2023

    The 2023 Certified CISO Hall of Fame Report commissioned by EC-Council identified four primary areas of grave concern: cloud security, data security, security governance, and lack of cybersecurity talent.

  5. Building an Effective Managed Threat Detection and Response Program

    Building an effective MDR program requires a combination of people, processes, and technology. Technology is an important element and there are specific actions to take in order to best achieve this.

    1. Photo of George Daglas

      George Daglas

      Chief Of Strategy and Customer Success, Obrela

  6. Can Organizations Combat Malicious Password-Protected File Attacks?

    Brett Raybould highlights why password-protected files are often able to evade network defenses

    1. Photo of Brett Raybould

      Brett Raybould

      EMEA Solutions Architect, Menlo Security

  7. Encrypt (Almost) Everything and Avoid Being the Next Headline

    Thanks to the rise of remote work, most organizations do not have a single, defensible boundary between internal resources and the outside world. In this new landscape, having robust IAM to continuously authenticate users and devices from any location is essential, along with end-to-end data encryption.

    1. Photo of Mrugesh Chandarana

      Mrugesh Chandarana

      Director of product management, HID Global

  8. How to Move Logs to a Different Drive in the Exchange Server

    Understanding how to move transaction logs to another drive can have significant business benefits

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  9. Manufacturing a Defense Against Phishing

    Javvad Malik says manufacturing firms must address the psychological behaviors of the workforce to tackle rising threats

    1. Photo of Javvad Malik

      Javvad Malik

      Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

  10. So You've Decided To Implement Managed PKI. Now What?

    Interest in PKIaaS is growing. Yet not all PKIaaS services are created equally

    1. Photo of Mrugesh Chandarana

      Mrugesh Chandarana

      Director of product management, HID Global

  11. Understanding the Intersection Between Image Annotation and Cybersecurity

    The combination of both image annotation and cybersecurity for businesses incredibly helps to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information within their images

    1. Ellie Walker

      Content writer, Bazoom Group

  12. Securing Elections Against DDoS Attacks

    This article highlights how organizations running elections can improve their DDoS protection

    1. Photo of Ziv Gadot

      Ziv Gadot

      Founder and CEO, Red Button

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