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  1. US Federal Privacy Legislation: Challenges on the Hill

    Danny Bradbury investigates the spider-web of state and agency laws that attempt to tackle data privacy in the US

    1. Photo of Danny Bradbury

      Danny Bradbury

      Contributing Writer & North America Webinar Moderator

  2. Top 10: Fines Issued for Data Protection Violations

    What are the 10 biggest fines issued by regulators for data protection violations?

    1. Photo of James Coker

      James Coker

      Deputy Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

  3. Ask The Experts: How to Reassure Your Customers About Your Security and Privacy Frameworks

    Three security experts advise how to smoothly embark your customers on a secure path

    1. Photo of Mark Guntrip

      Mark Guntrip

      Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy, Menlo Security

    2. Photo of Mark Nicholls

      Mark Nicholls

      Director of Cybersecurity, Redscan

    3. Photo of Zaira Pirzada

      Zaira Pirzada

      Advisor - Lionfish Tech Advisors

  4. Securing a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Cybersecurity’s Final Frontier

    James Coker examines what it will take to secure the space arena now and into the future

    1. Photo of James Coker

      James Coker

      Deputy Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

  5. Business Email Compromise Is Dead, Long Live Cyber-Enabled Financial Fraud

    With a surge in global financial losses due to BEC, this social engineering attack can no longer be exclusively treated as a simple financial incident. Kevin Poireault investigates why security teams need to battle financial fraud

    1. Photo of Kevin  Poireault

      Kevin Poireault

      Reporter, Infosecurity Magazine

  6. Joining the Dots: How to Optimize Cyber Threat Intelligence for the Win

    Phil Muncaster investigates what can be done to consolidate and deliver the information network defenders need

    1. Photo of Phil Muncaster

      Phil Muncaster

      UK / EMEA News Reporter, Infosecurity Magazine

  7. Shifting Mindset: Tackling Mental Health Head On

    Beth Maundrill investigates the problems and how mental health is intrinsically linked to the cybersecurity skills shortage

    1. Photo of Beth  Maundrill

      Beth Maundrill

      Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

  8. Point/Counterpoint: Are We Moving to a Passwordless Future?

    Two cybersecurity experts debate whether we are moving towards a passwordless future

    1. Photo of Lawrence  Perret-Hall

      Lawrence Perret-Hall

      Commercial Director, CYFOR Secure

    2. Photo of Andrew Shikiar

      Andrew Shikiar

      executive director & CMO, FIDO Alliance

  9. In-Flight Cyber-Attacks

    Find out how realistic the threat to planes in the air is and what security measures airlines should be putting in place to secure live aircraft

    1. Photo of Kate O'Flaherty

      Kate O'Flaherty

      News Writer

  10. Carrot or Stick: is NIS2 the Way Forward?

    Alex Meehan asks whether the EU's updated NIS Directive is sufficient for the modern threat environment

    1. Photo of Alex Meehan

      Alex Meehan

      Technology and Features Journalist

  11. Point/Counterpoint: Should Organizations Adapt Their Cybersecurity Posture in Light of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict?

    Two experts assess what companies need to change in their security approach in light of the Ukraine war

    1. Photo of Brian Honan

      Brian Honan

      CEO, BH Consulting

    2. Photo of Dr Suleyman Ozarslan

      Dr Suleyman Ozarslan

      Co-founder, Picus Security

  12. Cybersecurity’s Age Old Question

    James Coker explores an under-discussed area of diversity in context of information security – age

    1. Photo of James Coker

      James Coker

      Deputy Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

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