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Jake Moore is a cybersecurity specialist well known for offering objective advice and analysis on a wide range of cybersecurity topics. A frequent public speaker, he has appeared on various TV and radio shows and spoken at many security events and conferences. When he’s not thinking (or talking) security, Jake’s interests include water and board sports, and he loves nothing more than enjoying a morning swim in the sea before heading to work at ESET’s Bournemouth office. 

What was your route into the information security industry? 
I started my career working for Dorset Police, primarily investigating computer crime as a part of the Digital Forensics Unit. After this, I became a cybersecurity consultant for the police force, and delivered tailored advice to both the public and local businesses in order to help protect the community from cyber-threats. In 2018, I jumped into the private world as a cybersecurity specialist for ESET, and in this role, I continue to offer expert advice across the UK.

What’s the best thing about your job, and what’s the worst?
The best thing is that I get to constantly learn about the latest threats in an incredibly fast-paced, evolving cyber-landscape. This constantly keeps me on my toes, as I have to stay on top of the recent exploits and learn about how to best protect people. Equally, however, the downside of this rapidly-changing landscape is that I may be hit with a completely new, unknown threat and have as little as 15 minutes to produce a considered response with the most accurate, useful advice possible to keep individuals safe.

What’s the most interesting thing about information security?
Information security doesn’t stand still – even for a second – and I find that constant change thrilling. I‘ve always been intrigued by criminals, especially cyber-criminals, and how they commit offences. They act with great persistence, like water looking for cracks, and it’s our job to help fill those cracks before too much is leaked. It’s always rewarding to be able to offer the public a way to repair these cracks for good.

How different is the industry from when you first became a security professional?
The impact of encryption and dark web browsers, such as Tor, on the detection of cybercrime by the police has been immense. In fact, one of the driving factors for me leaving law enforcement was the dramatic fall in detection rate between 2012 and when I left in 2018. In my first few years, I was called to Crown Court as an expert witness multiple times on a monthly basis and then, by the end of 2017, I realized I hadn’t been summoned all year. There was less and less we could do forensically, so it was becoming far more difficult to put criminals behind bars. Moving forward to the private world, working at ESET allowed me to start offering preventative advice, which has a far better effect on protecting the potential victims of cybercrime.

What is your dream job? 
My dream job is genuinely being in the infosec industry. I get to help people become better educated in an area they may not feel comfortable in, and protect them against crimes at the same time. However, if I had to pick something else, it would probably be to take up my passion in photography and become a professional surf photographer. The combination of nature, thrill seeking and technology couldn’t be more perfect!

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 Jake Moore is a cybersecurity specialist at ESET. He previously worked in the police force for 14 years, investigating computer crime in the Digital Forensics Unit and Cyber Crime Team.

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